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Holy Tristan: the future is here
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When innovation and creativity take over a design product, the result can revolutionize the whole idea of design, or at least design categories.

Today’s project certainly does that, as it goes beyond the distinction between two different elements, a coffee table and a table lamp, by merging them within a unique surprising design piece. That is Holy Tristan, designed, manufactured and distributed by German brand DOCSTONE: it’s an enlightened coffee table which serves as a table lamp itself, as well as a regular table.

Beyond being a revolutionary design idea, Holy Tristan is the result of a interesting choice in terms of materials:, since the tripod base is made of concrete, DOCSTONE’S material par excellence.

Despite concrete’s heaviness, the table – available in two sizes – gets as heavy as 19,5 kg, including the glass surface, which is also available in three different finishes: plain, wood-grain, and facetted.

For those clients with specific needs, DOCSTONE offers further customizations in terms of designs and patterns on the glass surface. As any quality contemporary design lamp, Holy Tristan employs a LED light source which is controlled via a touch sensor in the stainless steel center of the 15 mm thick tempered glass plate. Innovative, fun yet refined and stylish, Holy Tristan is the design item of the future.

INFO: www.docstone.de


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