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Higold Milano: the right choice for your garden table
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The garden table is undoubtedly the "must have" that can not miss in your outdoor space. The ideal outdoor furniture to enjoy the days outdoors with friends and family.
But which one to choose? No problem, Higold Milano, always careful about the choice of materials that are used for the realization of their outdoor furniture, is ready to guide you in the right choice.
Its proposal on outdoor tables is numerous. From the smallest models, ideal for a small garden, to larger and extendable models for large outdoor spaces.

Two materials have been chosen for their realization:
- Teak, for the realization of the top of the tables, is one of the types of wood counted among the best materials used for outdoor furniture: it is in fact a strong, durable and the noblest wood of its kind.
Besides being very resistant, it also has a surface that does not fear water infiltration, one of the main, if not the main cause of deterioration of garden furniture. And with minimal maintenance, it is a type of wood that can last up to 50 years.
- Aluminum, on the other hand, used in the construction of the supporting structure, is a light metal, resistant and durable over time. A material that does not deteriorate in any way even in direct contact with the weather for long periods of time.
These two materials, together, give life to a collection of outdoor tables with a unique design and quality that can meet the needs of every customer, even the most "difficult".
Opting for a quality furniture, even more when it comes to an outdoor furniture, means not having too many problems arising from the aging of the furniture in the future, saving not only in economic terms, but also in terms of time to devote to constant maintenance.
Come to discover all its collections. The garden table made just for you is waiting for you!


Chiara Mattavelli

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