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High flying luxury by Len Cotsovolos
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This villa in Montana has been the playground of the creativity of architect Len Cotsovolos, who designed it along with LC² Design. The result is a huge chalet combining nature, interior design but also a “Las Vegas feel”. Luxury is indeed one of the main features of the property, mixed with natural color to emphasize the natural the surrounding environment.

The work was all about linking the interior and the exterior: the main hues are chocolate brown, wood brown and grey, consistent with the surrounding land and mountains, all combined with modern architecture details such as huge glass walls, steel, smoothed minerals and the open-space look of the interior. The decoration features mountain-style details such as fur blankets, coffee tables made of wood stumps, fireplaces, as well as silky Turkish rugs, made in Italy furniture and transparent cases, to create a pleasant contrast between rough and refined pieces. The size of the place implies big sized furnishing, with a maxi fireplace in the living room as well as dreamlike bedrooms, all sharing stunning panoramic glass walls.

INFO: www.lencotsovolos.com

PHOTO: Courtesy Len Cotsovolos and LC² Design

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