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Cove 3 is a villa located in the heart of Cape Town, a place taken over by nature and its color, where this property is well hidden within the green brown South Africa moor.

This luxury design project is the result of a focused architecture that created a floating-like space overlooking the sea that seems disappearing within the natural colors of the hill. The work was by SAOTA Design & Antoni Associates, with a specific aim: to inlay the property in the rock by creating a fluid continuity between nature and man. The roof, made out of wood panels and glass walls, brings the natural light inside; the walls feature glass as well, to create a space with no separation between interior and exterior, featuring an infinity pool.

Concrete, wood and stone are the main materials employed to finish furniture and fixtures that look like natural despite being artificial, creating a space that seems being part of the mountain. The lower floor is all about living areas with open living room, kitchen, dining room decorated with an all white furniture reflecting on the glass walls. A winding staircase takes to the master bedroom enriched by a private living room. An additional staircase takes downstairs, to the guest room.

Every part of the space, from interior design to design objects, is sustainable, with a garden cistern to collect the rain and a floor pump heating.


Photo Courtesy SAOTA Design

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