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Finlandia Caviar destination in Helsinki
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It’s one of the most famous and refined dishes in the world, standing for richness and preciousness. We are talking about caviar, whose hometown is obviously North Europe. Right at the hedge of the Old Continent, there is a venue dedicated to fish eggs, launched last year in mid October: Finlandia Caviar serves as both restaurant and shop, by offering and selling the products by Lappeen Savukari oy, one of Finland’s main seafood companies.

Located near the port of Helsinki, the place is meant to be the mecca for caviar lovers: here you can buy both fish eggs and oysters, or taste them along with a quality glass of vodka. The interior design project by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio was aimed at depicting this double-sided concept, as well as portraying a fresh refined version of the Scandinavian style, complementary to the classic look of the building that hosts the venue.

The interior design is an actual mix of subtle colors involving grey and cream hues, with also blue and light blue details reminding of the well known Finnish winter landscapes. Nature is also referred to by the employment of many woods elements, which create a cozy welcoming space – just like the clients wanted – also thanks to a proper lighting. Wood is also the main material of the counter on the right, where the characteristic red products are displayed.

Furniture is also 100% Finnish, as any piece of the project was produced by local carpenters and woodworkers. Beside the above mentioned lighting, which employs mainly pendant lamps, Finlandia Caviar also features a strong natural illumination thanks to the front window which is sufficient source to make sunlight fill the tiny elegant restaurant.

INFO: www.joannalaajisto.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

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