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Exciting Outdoor Furniture Trends You Can Expect to See in 2023
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The weather is warming up and it’s time to get out into the garden and soak up some rays. From country cottages to Mediterranean oases and monochrome modernism, there are several trends we’re likely to see more of in 2023. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own garden this summer, here’s how to make your outdoor space beautifully on-trend.

Rattan furniture
Rustic yet comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, rattan furniture is making a comeback in 2023. It’s a durable and sturdy option that is perfect for any garden because of its neutral colour. Whether you keep the entire design subtle in colour with a full dining area or pair your rattan furniture with bolder pops of colour, it’s a versatile yet practical option for your garden or patio that adds a bohemian touch.

Shaded zones
One of the most versatile ways to update your garden this year is with shaded zones that create interest in your garden and give you new ways to enjoy your outdoor space. For example, an awning extends the square footage of your home and offers the perfect spot for enjoying your morning coffee, or drinks in the evening while staying protected from the elements. Or maybe you want to create a secluded area with a louvred pergola that gives you the flexibility of weatherproof screens in the event of a downpour, and light when the sun comes out.

Mediterranean colour schemes
If you want to transport yourself to a warmer climate without stepping foot on a plane, Mediterranean colour schemes are the perfect solution. From rich terracotta in the form of warm planters and plant pots to blues, pinks and oranges, Mediterranean colours have the potential to make you feel like you’re on holiday whenever you step into your garden. If you feel like your garden is currently a little bland and drab, incorporating accents of colour will lift it and make it more interesting to look at. To keep it subtle, add colour in the form of cushions, rugs or throws.

Scandi minimalism
If you like a modern look in your home, you’ll love the Scandinavian look that’s pared-back and simple. With slimline black furniture that pops against white walls, and natural materials, the Scandi aesthetic is sleek and minimalist. Scandinavian inspired gardens focus on simplicity, functionality and nature, so opt for sustainable materials such as wood and stone, clean lines and uncluttered spaces. The combination of these elements creates a tranquil escape that’s understated, elegant and modern.

Cottage garden styling
Perfect for those seeking a slower pace of life, a cottage country garden has vintage appeal and is relaxed and inviting. From herb gardens and planter boxes to white wooden furniture and wildflowers, cottage gardens are charming and play on the rise of the cottagecore interiors trend. To replicate this style in your own garden, why not install a wooden swinging bench covered by gingham cushions and surrounded by honeysuckles, foxgloves and marigolds.

Modular and stacking furniture
Modular furniture is rising in popularity because it offers comfort and convenience with contemporary style. Stacking furniture gives you more versatility, enabling you to change up the layout and design as you see fit and to suit your unique garden. You can change out the different components and even choose custom pieces to accommodate more or less guests, depending on who is joining you or the shape of your garden or patio. Creative and ideal for fitting into your lifestyle as your needs change, choose modular seating with waterproof fabrics that keep them low maintenance during those unexpected rain showers.

Indoor-outdoor dining

A popular trend in 2023 is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, from al fresco dining to cushions and pillows that can withstand the elements. You can bring your home’s interior style into your garden, extending the feeling of being indoors when you’re outdoors.
Outdoor kitchens are a worthwhile investment if you love to entertain, giving you the opportunity to cook outdoors in the company of your friends and family. From built-in gas and charcoal grills to pizza ovens, sinks and mini refrigerators, and even dishwashers, outdoor gardens have all the functionality of a traditional kitchen and elevate your garden to a luxury level.

Larger seating areas
Socialising is back in vogue post-pandemic, and larger dining and seating areas are the hot trend to accommodate our desire to entertain outdoors in the warmer months. Large dining tables with sociable benches for communal dining will be a popular option this year and are perfect for those summer BBQs. And from chaise longues and pool-side loungers to rockers around a fire pit, seating doesn’t have to focus on the dining table - think social seating that’s perfect for entertaining and gathering with friends and family at a moment’s notice.

Metallic accents
Metallic accents have proven to be a stunning addition to gardens this year. Brass, for example, possesses a timeless and elegant aesthetic that complements various garden styles effortlessly, from traditional to contemporary. The golden hues of brass add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your outdoor space, creating an inviting atmosphere. Or maybe you like the luxury of gold, the cool modernism of silver or black aluminium.
With their ability to withstand different weather conditions and complementing your garden regardless of the season, metals can maintain their lustrous appearance for years, making them a reliable choice for outdoor decor. Whether in the form of planters and decorative ornaments or subtle features on furniture, metallic accents add refinement and character to gardens, enhancing their overall beauty and charm.

Many people will be reassessing their gardens and considering ways they can make them more functional and aesthetically pleasing, in preparation for relaxing in the sun or entertaining with friends. Garden furniture is a great way to brighten up your garden and bring it to life, while also making it a comfortable space.

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