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Ettore Sottsass and his revolutionary design
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Architect and designer born in Innsbruck in 1917 but raised in Turin, Ettore Sottsass is considered one of the most significant and nonconformist design characters of XX Century. During his long career, he dedicated himself to different disciplines, always creating innovative works, able to communicate with the observer and free from the dictates of the typical vision of design linked to its functionality.
Of great importance is without any doubt Memphis, the cultural phenomenon founded by Sottsass himself with some friends in the early eighties and which has revolutionized the creative and commercial logic of the design world. Memphis has abolished the creative limits previously dictated by the industry and has imposed new forms, new materials and new incentives to design. The projects of furniture and objects made by the group are recognizable by their colors and bold lines, inspired by art déco, kitsch and pop art, in complete contrast with the minimalist and glossy design of that time.

Before that, nothing similar had ever been seen, and this is how Memphis becomes the symbol of Italian subversive design, of a new lifestyle. It's a real revolution: the design, until then confined in the showrooms, invades the media and unleashes passions.. a real breath of fresh air.
After Sottsass' death, many international museums have hosted exhibitions dedicated to the career of this important architect and designer, and also Theinteriordesign.it, in collaboration with Il Mondo del Vetro, has decided - on the occasion of the centenary of his birth - to create a dynamic exhibition path at LaMari Woman Store, the new concept store born to create a dialogue between innovative fashion brands, artists and designers.
It will therefore be possible to know firsthand a selection of the most famous creations by Sottsass designed for creative, colorful and innovative spaces, with clear contaminations of the then popular Industrial Design.
An unmissable event to mark on the agenda, a milestone in this Fuorisalone 2018!

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.ilmondodelvetro.com

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