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Your home should be as unique as you and with the range of design ideas and inspiration around every corner; it’s so easy to put your own stamp on your property. Some people find it easier than others to incorporate themes into their home, whereas others might need a helping hand bringing an idea to fruition. Whether you’re an interiors enthusiast or are starting out in the world of home styling, there are several ways to bring that dash of individual taste into your home. Take a look at some of the ways you can quickly bring design ideas into your living spaces.

Creating focal lighting
Lighting is an essential aspect in any room and makes or breaks the ambiance in this space. Whether you opt for updating fittings or place focal points around the room, a well-positioned arrangement can look fantastic against your central themes. A popular example in modern trends includes incorporating a large standing light to highlight an area of the room. Smaller light and accessories are also a favourite way to mix up the tones and shades that these fittings create.

Add a living feature
Plants and succulents are hugely popular in Scandi and Hygge style interiors and are starting to appear in several other home trends. The refreshing and vibrant colours of plants lift the atmosphere in a room and create a natural vibe to the space. As plants come in all shapes and sizes, you can choose different species depending on the area you have. Large cactus and palm style plants are ideal for floor or raised planters, plus there are tons of smaller examples that are ideal for shelves and tables.

Update your radiators
Radiators are an essential source of heat in your home, but they can often look boring or cumbersome on your walls. To mix it up a little, you could switch these generic styles for something a little more interesting. By incorporating a vertical or designer style radiator, you can add a unique element that merges with your interior themes. There are lots of styles to choose from, and resources such as Warmrooms have plenty to get you inspired.

Wall art
Art has always been a popular way to express a passion and love of design, but in the past, some of the most much-loved pieces were only accessible by a few people. Today, there is a heap of talent and resources to find spectacular pieces from both well-known and upcoming artists, plus they are also an affordable way to bring something new to a room. Aside from the main styles of contemporary art, the popularity of prints has also made its way into interiors. There is a huge selection of inexpensive yet statement pictures of all sizes that could work well in any home.

These small yet significant updates could add a touch of personality to your interiors and make your home an extension of your personal style and passions. 

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