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Easy home improvement: six DIY tasks that anyone can do
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Home improvement is something that anyone who owns a property will need to do at one time or another. Some might rely on the skills of friends or partners, others can afford to bring in professionals when they need to get things done - but the truth is that nothing beats the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment of getting a job completed by yourself.
With the global pandemic creating a situation where more people are spending time at home than usual, now could be the perfect time for everyone to pick up some simple DIY skills and put them to good use. So, here we take a look at six home improvement tasks that anyone can do.

Bonus tip: YouTube is your best friend
The first thing to note if you are tackling DIY projects for the first time is that YouTube offers some fantastically helpful videos with virtually any task that you want to carry out. If you need to learn how to do something specific - with a particular product or shape of fitting - there will almost certainly be someone who has created content to show you how to do it.
Of course, it should be reminded that you shouldn’t try to do things that are well outside your comfort zone. But if you are looking for somewhere to help you build confidence in doing something specific, it is definitely worth searching YouTube for it.

1. Restoring wooden furniture
You probably have an old table or chair that has seen better days, perhaps taking up space at the back of your garage. But aesthetics can be deceiving, and there is probably no reason why this piece of furniture can’t be restored and repurposed with a little bit of effort. Give it a quick clean and a coat of paint and you might be surprised that you can breathe new life into it.
Start by sanding down the old finish on the furniture - start with a rougher grain of sandpaper before moving to a finer grain. Give it a clean and then seal the wood with primer. Now it is ready to be painted - make sure you give it a good couple of layers.

2. Dealing with leaking taps
There are actually many issues that could be the cause of a leaking tap - but by far one of the most common is a worn-out washer. When a tap is turned on the washer is forced against the valve seat - and it is this action that is repeated time and again that will eventually wear down the washer to the point where it no longer functions properly.
Replacing the washer is not expensive, but it is essential to get the right-sized washer for the job, otherwise, it will not solve the problem. It is also a bit of a fiddly task that can vary depending on the type - this is where it can be useful to follow our bonus tip and search YouTube for a tutorial video on your specific type of tap.

3. Sorting a slow draining sink
A slow draining sink is a real pain. The first step is to see whether it is a blockage that can be cleared - and thankfully this can be very easy. Simply pour some bicarbonate of soda down the slow draining sink alongside an equal amount of vinegar. Wait five minutes and then pour hot water down the sink - it should have fixed the problem.

4. Repainting a wall
Repainting is one of the most satisfying jobs as you can admire your handiwork on a daily basis.
“Colour swatches are great for helping you make up your mind, but nothing compares to the real thing,” says Anna Ward, owner of interior design specialists Furnished by Anna “of course, if you’re not sure about the colour, you can use a tester to see if it suits your tastes. Instead of painting it straight onto the wall, try a few different colours on a couple of patches of card; this way, the existing wall colour will have no effect on your new paint sample”.

5. Hang a picture or painting
Hanging pictures is simple, and does not require a lot of tools; so this is another good DIY task if you are still building confidence. In its most basic form, you’ll need nothing more than a hammer and a nail. The only thing that is really vital to understand is where the nail is going to go; you’ll need to know this before you pick up the hammer.
Ask someone to hold the picture in place for you and then mark the centre at the top with a pencil. Then you simply need to measure for far down the nail needs to be with a ruler and then mark that place on the wall.

6. Bleeding the radiators
Bleeding the radiators is easy, and essential for the smooth running of your central heating. All you need is a radiator bleed key. Simply open the valve very gently - you’ll hear a hissing sound as the air escapes. When water begins to leak and the hissing has stopped you have completed the bleeding process and can re-tighten the valve.

Final thoughts
It can be easy to be overawed by the idea of carrying out DIY tasks if you have never done them before, but in many cases, the old adage rings true: it is easy when you know how. Before you get started on any kind of DIY task, you should understand what you need to do it and the best way to carry it out.
The examples above are just some of the many things that virtually every homeowner needs to know how to do - so get started and give some a try, and you might find that you’ll develop the confidence to tackle must larger projects around the house.

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