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Discovery Space: the social distancing tool between the innovations presented by Artemide for 2020
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Designed by Ernesto Gismondi in 2019, Discovery Space is a lamp by Artemide that, if vertically installed, becomes a perfect element to separate workstations or restaurant tables, dividing spaces not only by delimiting and protecting but also adding emotion and dynamism to the eye.
A lamp that contains within it the perfect synthesis of Artemide's values, knowledge, innovative research and know-how. The great optoelectronic competence combined with a profound design culture and technological know-how gives life to perfectly transversal and surprising solutions in translating innovation into the emotion of perception.
 It introduces a new perceptual experience, it delimits territoriality and supports the flow of the rhythms of activities, behaviors and emotions, supports a correct vision in the various activities. Its light, not only white but also Tunable white or colored, allows not only a correct perception but aims at the psychological and physiological well-being of people.

The performance and flows of Discovery Space are high but the effect is absolutely comfortable, so much so as to comply with the UGR standards for the workplace in any installation position.
Discovery can be controlled with Artemide App, an advanced interaction system that makes everyone more and more free to change their scenarios actively and consciously, in favor of both personal well-being and the design of dynamic and engaging spaces. Thanks to Artemide App the Discovery light can also follow our circadian cycles.
In this new scenario of social security distances, Discovery Space therefore interprets the need to delimit personal spaces by increasing the environmental quality with a light that takes care of our well-being and can create scenographic and engaging atmospheres.
It is an element that can follow the dynamism of the spaces and the necessary changes to their layout. The same fixture can in fact be suspended vertically, horizontally or according to any other inclination thus allowing in the future to maintain perfect functionality by changing the installation, eliminating the divisions but maintaining correct lighting.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: Artemide Press Office

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