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Designer editions: 5 super cool fridges for hot kitchens
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When it comes to modern kitchen design, all eyes are on the cabinets and worktops, never the appliances. From Classic Interiors to contemporary kitchen spaces, refrigerators are often built in or hidden behind doors so as not to disturb the room scheme. So, what if you made your fridge the central feature of the kitchen?
The fridge as a chic interior feature may not be an obvious concept, but take a look at these 5 chillout appliances and you will soon change your mind.

1. SMEG Refrigerator of Art
If you want a funky fridge to perk up your kitchen, take a look at SMEG fridges. Universally known and loved for their iconic 1950s retro styling and lively colour options, these fridges effortlessly combine good looks with high performance technology.
The Italian manufacturer is no stranger to collaborations with iconic brands. A few years ago, they launched the SMEG FAB28RDG Gold Retro encrusted with Swarovski crystals. More recently, the limited edition MG FAB28 fridge honoured the British motorsport legend MG, complete with the iconic octagon badge and finished in British Racing Green.
However, the most outstanding collaboration has to be the special edition of Refrigerator or Art collection in cooperation with the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. The unique D&G styling features images by Sicilian artists including lemons, cartwheels battle scenes and other motifs inspired by the poetic marionette theatre, embellished with classic florals. It’s a riot of colour and a triumph of D&G’s creativity in conjunction with SMEG’s quality and technology.

2. Gorenje Bulli Fridge
Gorenje’s gorgeous range of retro fridges is giving the mighty SMEG a run for their money. Combining great vintage design in a selection of vibrant colours with the sophisticated technology of today, there are 3 collections to choose from: ‘Funky’, ‘Chic’ and ‘Vintage’.
The latest retro special edition is the ‘Bulli’ fridge, a cooperation with the iconic VW brand and officially licenced by Volkswagen. Based on Gorenje’s retro inspired ORB 153 and inspired by the famous VW campervan (the ‘Bulli’ in German), the fridge features a door design that mimics the vehicle’s signature front end styling. Fully branded with a large chromed VW logo, it is available in 2 two-tone colourways: Cream/Baby Blue and Cream/Burgundy Red. Why not ‘park it in your kitchen’, as Gorenje suggest?

3. Samsung Zipel Refrigerator
Designed by luxury product designer Massimo Zucchi, this limited edition side-by-side fridge freezer was originally produced for the Korean market, but rumour has it that you might be able to get one from Harrods.
What’s so special about this appliance? Well, its ink stained doors are complemented by elegantly shaped gold trimmed champagne coloured handles and the appliance is encrusted with gems. If you’re looking for an opulent statement piece in your kitchen, this fridge takes some beating.
The smart appliance has a 10” touchscreen for WiFi enabled internet access. The spacious interior uses a 4th Generation Digital Inverter Compressor for the highest levels of energy efficiency, with 10 individual smart sensors, twin cooling space and a handy mini drinks bar that can be accessed without opening the whole fridge door.

4. Meneghini La Cambusa
When is a fridge not a fridge? When it’s a piece of designer kitchen furniture! Italian fridge manufacturers Meneghini produce a range of fully customisable solid wooden fridge freezers that have to be seen to be believed. From a compact 1-door fridge model to a 3-door version with multiple sections, additional storage drawers and other built-in appliances, the internal layout can be combined and tailored exactly to your requirements.
There’s an endless range of finishes and colours to choose from, including the signature porthole window. Each product is luxuriously finished in a striking design that will make La Cambusa the undisputed centre of your kitchen.

5. Bespoke Fridges
Of course, if none of the above limited edition fridge designs appeal to you, there’s always the option to design your own. Bespoke Fridges not only sources and delivers any fridge of your choosing, there’s a team on hand to provide the ultimate service in bespoke fridge freezer design, with the know how to coordinate colours and textures exactly to your requirements.
Add any personalisation you can think of. Whether you prefer your fridge to look like a handpainted Chinese cabinet or a traditional red telephone box, or use the surface as a giant photo wall, it’s all in a day’s work to create the ultimate statement piece for your kitchen.

PHOTO COURTESY: www.maisonvalentina.net, senatus.net, appliancist.com, www.italialiving.com

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