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Da Portare VIA opens its doors in Utrecht
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Studio Modijefsky has realized a new spatial identity and a new design for Da Portare VIA in Utrecht.
At the core of this new project, a strong design language that can be translated to every new location, creating a sense of belonging - a family - for all the future VIA restaurants.
The design principles, consisting of a material library, key shapes and custom designed elements, are adjustable according to the special quality of each site, which combine a series of wall finishes, floor materials, a series of light fixtures and a unique palette of fabrics and colors. Of course could not miss a nod to VIA’s Italian component, represented by the use of various types of marble, mirror panels and walnut wood.
While playful accents and diamond shapes, resulting from the shape of the logo, create a strong sense of identity throughout the interior space, thanks to the combination of materials and integrate signage.

There are also bespoke connecting elements which refer to one of VIA’s founding missions: to connect people who share a love of quality.
Aligned with the top stroke of the window frames, special wooden frames, occasionally angled forward, have been designed to accommodate the pizza menu, the bar menu and the VIA logo. These frames form a continuous stroke of individual frames and are enhanced with the addition of indirect light and the bright yellow color of the logo.
A signature in the new design, is the lighting. A colored steel structure hangs from the ceiling, supplying light to the tables beneath it, while several wires with light bulbs drop down from the structure, forming different figures and filling the space with illuminating spheres.
Above the bar, a steel structure outlines the area and steel triangles, reflected in a wall mirror, going to create diamond shapes. In the bar, covered in subtle grey marble slabs, An integrated vitrine in the corner displays a comprehensive selection of spirits, giving the bar quintessential Italian touch.
The kitchen houses a round shaped oven covered in white square tiles, emphasizing the presence of wood fire.
Finally, throughout the interior, the Italian soul appears in small decorative details: from the black and white tiles covering the feet of the bar, the vitrine in the bar and the pizza oven. A ravish light box in the shape of a ‘V’ catches ones attention in the entrance. Surrounded by mirrors, the reflections create a profound and memorable VIA moment.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: http://www.studiomodijefsky.nl/projects/#/via-utrecht/

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