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Creative Ideas to Utilise Empty Space in Your Home
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Many homes have additional rooms going unused or areas of the property that could be utilised to better effect. So, rather than leaving them empty, why not repurpose the space into something else?
From office areas for working from home or letting the kids do their homework to hobby rooms and gyms, here are a few ideas of how you can maximise the empty spaces in your home.

Create a home office in the spare room
Over the past couple of years, the number of people working remotely from home has increased considerably. This means that having a home office has never been more popular. Whether you’re planning on staying in your home for the foreseeable future or you want to sell up and move on, having a dedicated office space in the property can be a very appealing option.
Spare bedrooms are a great option for a home office, but you can also get creative with unused space in alcoves or even closets where you can tuck away your computer and desk at the end of the day.

Turn an empty garage into your personal gym
For so many people, the garage only stores gardening equipment, rusty bikes, and toolboxes rather than a vehicle. But it’s such a valuable space that there are far better uses for it than a glorified storage room – such as a home gym. From treadmills, rowing machines, and stationary bikes to weights, multi-gyms, and even golf away from the golf course, the garage is the perfect place to store larger pieces of sports equipment that can’t be kept in the house. While garages can be cold and draughty, insulating the space and securing your property with an electric door will help to keep the space comfortable to exercise in and secure your belongings.

Create a cosy home theatre experience
Another ideal use for an empty room is creating a home theatre or movie room with a wide-screen TV and surround sound speakers. If you furnish the space with cosy lounge chairs or plush sofas, you and your guests will enjoy settling in to watch films whenever you want. Include dimmable lighting, shelving for all your films and a snack area for drinks and popcorn, and you have yourselves the prime location for any Saturday night movie fest.

Nurture a hobby with a dedicated arts and crafts space
Finding the time to nurture our hobbies can be difficult with work and personal commitments, but it’s made all the easier if you have a dedicated space to work from. If you have a disused shed or a spare room, why not turn it into a space where you can paint, sew or learn a new creative hobby depending on your interests. Why not invest in a potter’s wheel and learn to master clay from your own home, or set up a cutting table and sewing machine and practice making your own clothes? Or perhaps you’re a Picasso in the making, and all you need is somewhere to put up an easel where you can get creative and messy without any worries.

Build a family-friendly games room
A great one if you love to have your friends over for board games and drinks on a weekend night or you have kids, a dedicated games room is a lot of fun and can really add character and personality to your property. If you have the space, a pool table or a football table can be great fun for groups, or why not add loads of shelving for your board game collection? Add some comfy chairs where you and your guests can relax, and you have a great place to unwind and have fun.
This room can also double as a playroom for the kids, whether they’re playing alone or have friends over. Why not include a fun play mat or rug on the floor that can be taken up when you have adults over but can serve as a play area for little ones during the day?

Create a floor-to-ceiling library
The dream of avid readers everywhere, a home library is easy to set up if you have the space to do so. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with a sliding ladder, an armchair and plenty of ambient lighting are the perfect combination for a reading nook where you can lose yourself in a good story. It can be as laid-back or as elegant as you want it to be to match your taste, and you have the chance to fill it with all the authors you enjoy the most.

As you can see, you don’t need to make do with areas of your home just being used as a junk room or simply left empty. From libraries to game rooms, cinemas and gyms, there are plenty of ways to utilise the space in your home and enhance your lifestyle. From a hobby room where you can let your creativity run wild to social spaces to enjoy time with family and friends, making better use of the space you have available can help you to maximise your property to its full potential, whether it’s an entire room, an outbuilding or simply a hidden nook off a hallway.

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