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CPR project: a two storey loft where light takes over
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Daylight comes in through windows and skylights, illuminating a two storey design loft in the heart of Milan. Its design project is by local +R | piuerre architecture studio, specialized in renovating and restyling buildings and interiors. In this case the studio turned a former dentistry space into a modern elegant design loft, by employing unused areas – such as the crawl space – to obtain an interior where now custom furniture and design items lie, as well as an interesting play of light which results from the massive natural light coming through ad hoc windows and emphasizes the loft openness.

This design loft features two spaces on the lower floor and a studio, a master bedroom and a walk in closet upstairs. Each space is enhanced by a double illumination that gets perfected by the employment of semi-transparent materials and mirrors which amplify the space perception as well as make the light take over. The leading role of natural illumination is also proved by the wall that separates the bedroom from the kitchen: made out of polycarbonate, it implements the natural light during the day whilst creating a romantic refined effect at night. The entrance of the CPR design loft features a mirrored side to reflect the diffused light; on the opposite side, the wall is upholstered in the Woods wallpaper by Cole&Son, creating a lovely forest feel within such a urban environment. Finally, the toilet is encased in a block that actually supports the white iron stairway that leads to the upper floor, and also separates the studio from the bedroom.

INFO: www.piuerre.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Michele Filippi

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