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“Contrasted” apartment in Riga
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The renovation featured in today’s post is the result of a 100% Italian collaboration between Filippo Carandini and EPÒNIMO studios which re-designed a quite big apartment, covering 167 square meters, located in a classic building in Riga, Latvia.

The challenge of this interior design project was to re-organize the volumes without changing the original structure of the apartment. To that end, the idea was to create a clear spatial division: on one “more social” side, a continuous open space merging together kitchen, living room and dining room; on the other, a more private area “cherishing” the office and the bedroom.

Color is another tool that stresses this division: the open space features bold hues whilst the other is painted in subtle shades. Color is also the main focus when it comes to furniture, since some pieces feature lively hues that pleasantly clash with the cold-shaded walls. The main pieces of furniture are by Eponimo itself, like the dining table and chairs as well as the big sofa. The overall decoration results in a mix between modern and classic, also emphasizing the quality of the so called “made in Italy”.

Despite the distinction between private and “public” spaces, both the bedroom and the bathroom are not isolated from the rest of the apartment as they can be easily accessed by the actual entrance hall which also features a door leading to the kitchen. Doors are another focus of the project which employs sliding doors to keep the above mentioned division working yet reversible, in a lovely alternation between big spaces and cozy corners.

INFO: www.filippocarandini.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Filippo Carandini Studio

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