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Cone: stylistic minimalism
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Sometimes, when it comes to design furnishing objects, versatility and essentiality get along very well. The cleanest, most linear yet elegant forms are those suiting any kind of environment, because their inner beauty makes them harmoniously fit anywhere.

Such geometric, pure, almost iconic lines bring a further value to a design object due to the aesthetic study that lies underneath.

Today's project represents one of the most recent examples of elegance and essentiality, that is the latest lamp range by Swedish Studio Vit: launched in 2010, the company focuses on the interrelation and juxtaposition of elementary forms, materials and volume and how these furniture elements create compositions in a space. To the studio, it is essential that objects coexist harmoniously, but at the same time create an interesting tension in relation to each other.

Materiality is central and each material is valued for it's inherent characteristics, whether it be weight, texture or it's colour.
Refined and geometric, Studio Vit's design objects – signed by cofounders Helena Jonasson and Veronica Dagnert - have been described as representing a new minimalism which is not only austere but has a sense of poetry too.

Cone lamp collection certainly represents the perfect example of the studio's style: the project is about opposites and consists of two elementary forms, the cone and the sphere, that are combined in different ways. 

Spheres – made out of handblown glass – represent the actual light source; cones – made out of metal – are the versatile body of the product, available in either mat white or mirror polished. Opposites lie in the essence of materials too, which can be either hollow or solid, mat or reflective. 

Cone lamps are available in wall, ceiling, table and floor variations: thanks to their refined minimalism, due to a thorough aesthetic research, these furnishing design items are the perfect choice to bring an elegant feel to any space.

INFO: www.studiovit.se

PHOTO COURTESY: Annabel Elston

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