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CONCREO, design solution for concrete lovers
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Its name says it all: Genoa-based All Wood & Special Materials deals with the most innovative sustainable materials in the fields of design and craftsmanship. The ever-evolving firm offers cutting-edge products that make it a benchmark brand in the contemporary design environment. One of its many quality solutions is Concreo®, a made-in-Italy concrete panel that revolutionizes high-end concrete interior design, turning concrete frameworks and upholstering into a very simple and cheap thing, yet with a beautiful look. Concreo® can be worked with the same tools for wood panels, as it is made out of inert materials and fibers which are environmentally friendly and very resistant.

Without solvents and toxins, as well as fireproof, it features a uniform paste structure that allows to easily work the panels, with no blemishes on borders and spines. Due to its extreme resistance to water and humidity, as well as a great stability over time, Concreo® can be used for many purposes, as the final result is the same of pouring concrete. The process, however, is very different, since Concreo® does not require neither pouring nor formworks, as it works like a traditional wood panel. Moreover, its paste structure makes it feel like pouring concrete in many ways, from touch to duration, to countless renovating options. Over time, rubbing does not change the concrete effects, even when it comes to the sharpest corners; moreover, the ageing process is completely consistent with the ageing of a concrete manufacture. Concreo® offers four different thicknesses than can be fully customized, two finishes and two grey hues, to produce not just exclusive design items and pieces of furniture, but also many other solutions such as scenic design. The secret is a particularly light weight – over 50% less than standard concrete – and a “folding” procedure that allows creating volumes on any scale with no mistakes or waste: this makes Concreo® a much performing yet inexpensive material. Finally, it is very safe to use, as it belongs to the A2.S1-d0 class (EN13501). With further properties such as soundproofing, Concreo® is the perfect choice for those searching for a great looking, long lasting result at a very reduced cost.

INFO: www.awspecialmaterials.com

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