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Cold colors, firm lines and strong contrasts: Silvia Senna's art is magic
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Silvia Senna is born in Milan in 1968, she goes to the Artistic secondary school Umberto Boccioni of Milan, she trains herself with graphic advertisement, where she learns to immobilize her creations, with discipline. Even though the work seems to move her away from art, she keeps on with her personal growth far from the stylistic imposition of the figurate, using indian ink, pencils, watercolors and acrylics, until she starts using oil and that technique make her going slower, teaches her to think a lot, to meditate and to take her time, and in this way it becomes her favorite technique.
The beginning of using oil, noble matter, it turned out to be the most emotional moment of Silvia Senna’s “art itinerary”. The research which is possible to see, is the one between synthesis and colors, where shapes simplify and contain concepts always more and more refined and elegant.

Her painting is emotional and studied at the same time, choosing the colors directly on the canvas, blending and softening, Silvia would like that the eyes of the viewer could be enchanted and fascinated , she would love that the viewer find by himself the key for solving her labyrinth, her twists, her weird perspective, in a vertigo of images.
Is possible to see an evolution that gives the chance to elevate the thought toward the sky, in those nebula that bring your eyes looking up, between sky and earth, sea and the evolving of seasons.
Silvia Senna likes her painting to be “tactile”, with your fingers feeling the thickness of the firm lines, she likes the light change the colors on her canvas and the shadows as well.
She loves the cold colors, to see them bending and mixed with strong contrasts.
The sharpen lines of her creations animate in a dance game, create roads where the onlooker finds himself welcomed and dragged, where the artist, first of all, studies herself looking back at her creations looks for and finds an itinerary really well defined: the one will take her to success.
Her artworks are exhibited in the showroom of Via Pordoi,8 in Baranzate and sold on the online shop of Tid.

INFO/ PHOTO COURTESY: silviasenna.blogspot.it

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