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Cafe' di Dolce: the latest project from Istanbul-based multi-disciplinary design studio Sanayi313 Architects
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Sanayi313 Architects, the Istanbul based multi-disciplinary design studio, has completed its latest project: the Café Di Dolce. A contemporary pastry shop located inside the luxury shopping mall, IstinyePark, in Istanbul, it is none other than the new "brand" of Nusret Gökçe, a well-known chef for trendy restaurants based on premium meat menus and known as "Salt Bae".
Flooded with natural light that enters through an impressive glass domed roof, Café Di Dolce is a theatrical space inspired by grand Parisian cafes. The interior features black and white marble flooring and a mixture of custom-made furniture in rich fabrics and textures. The statement flower installation by Turkish glass artist Nahide Büyükkaymakci, is a reference to Café Di Dolce’s famous floral cakes and includes over two thousand peonies carved out of plexiglass, suspended from the glass dome.

The space is open plan and is positioned within one of the main squares of the shopping mall. One of the biggest design challenges of the project for Enis Karavil, Creative Director of Sanayi313 Architects was defining the café and ensuring the space did not hinder the visibility of the surrounding stores. The distinctive flooring helps identify the borders of the venue, while the blossoming site-specific installation distinguishes the space from the rest of the shopping mall, as well as acting as a powerful focal point to the room.
Under the impressive floral installation, the layout of the café, revolves around a central bar made of marble with bronze wire mesh detailing that displays the celebrated artisan cakes.
Sanayi313 Architects chose to decorate the space with an eclectic mix of furniture, pairing different seating and table typologies, allowing guests to discover new details each time they visit the café.
Bespoke velvet upholstered banquettes, terrazzo table-tops and bronze detailing create the sense of having tea in the lobby of a grand hotel in Paris, whilst the self-playing Disklavier piano in the corner of the cafe plays jazz, for some added theatrical ambience.

INFO: www.sanayi313.com/en/architects/

PHOTO COURTESY: Ibrahim Özbunar

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