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Boda Horák Studio: a heart of glass
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From 1980 to 2013, from Prague to the world: this is Czech designer Boda Horák’s work, whose latest creation consists of a lamp collection made of selected items that cannot be industrially reproduced. Created in 2012, MOM (My object muses) project and brand are all about crystal objects and their enlightening properties due to glass multi-faceting. Started as a collaboration with family-run business Rückl, this year it turned into an out-and-out collection, featuring 30 light-design pieces

Jewel-lamps made of handcut plumb crystal with grinding effects and decorations, as well as brass and gold luxury refinements. Quality special objects that cannot be reproduced on a large scale as a guarantee of their uniqueness. The whole collection, including COCON lamp, was displayed for the first time from 7 to 13 October on the occasion of the Designblok in Prague.

INFO: www.bodahorak.com

PHOTO: Courtesy of Boda Horák, photographer RADEK KALHOUS

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