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Blow Lamp, the plastic re-invention
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The design field has no boundaries, especially when it comes to materials and processes. At the same time, designers’ creativity is limitless in terms of renewing and reinventing something that belongs to our everyday life, to turn it into a brand new design item. Plastic bottles, for instance, can be employed to create original lamps through a blowing method that recalls the inflation of a bike tire. The creator of such transformation is Dutch designer Ruben der Kinderen: based in Berlin and Eindhoven, he’s the creative mind of an eclectic studio that deals with design products and marketing concepts. One of his latest projects is BLOW, a work that combines conceptualization and practicality all together. Der Kinderen employs PET bottles to manually re-interpret their automated production, by heating a Pre-form (PET tube) and manually injecting air by pumping, creating a modern glassblowing that originates lamps as a second design.

Thanks to the designer’s manual intervention, these brand new design lamps are characterized by unique shapes in many different sizes. To finalize the product, the renewed plastic part is linked to the copper base where to fasten the bulb, and a wire to plug and turn it on. Available in purple, light blue and green, these lamps are far more resistant than they look like, as solid as their unique character. BLOW also includes a vase range featuring soft feminine lines: the collection combines together two “natural” elements like water and light, in a perfect “bubbly” balance.

INFO: www.rubenderkinderen.nl

PHOTO COURTESY: Desigstudio: Ruben der Kinderen

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