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Bezel: dynamics design of light and shadow
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Essential yet refined, simple yet customizable, modern yet timeless: this design lamp is a surprising mix of everything you need. Bezel is a suspension lamp by Sidney-based Anaesthetic Design studio, launched in 2001 by Kiwi designers Ben and Kiri Wahrlich with the aim of enriching the market with original sophisticated design items featuring stunning material combinations. The material selection is in fact anchored by a strong understanding of engineering techniques, which enables the duo to experiment and push the creative aspect of manufacturing processes.

Bezel is a captivating pendant light that plays with visual dynamics of light and shadow. A stunning centre-piece, it features a two-tone aesthetic that contrasts the solid top with two types of bases - ‘bezels’, designed to suit personal tastes. The patterned option, boasts a piano style design cut into the metal surface that dances with a movement of its own, enchanting onlookers with a beautiful Moiré effect as they walk around the light. The solid bezel is a more subtle choice that pays homage to the traditional two-tone style. The top is constructed using spun aluminum, in gloss black or gloss white powder coat. The bezels are available in polished brass, polished aluminum or powder coated aluminum. Light, contemporary and bold, Bezel embodies Anaesthetic’s style by bringing a sophisticated unique feel to any space.

INFO: www.anaestheticdesign.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Anaesthetic Design

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