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Basketlamp: unconventional basket
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Creativity, expression and sometimes reinterpretation: these are just a few examples of the most captivating features of product design, which often leads to the creation of surprising unconventional items.

Sometimes they are inspired by pre-existing objects from our everyday life which suddenly turn into something new both in terms of look and use, just like today’s project whose designer, Juan Cappa, has participated many times in Milan’s Salone del Mobile Fair. The name of this design items says it all, as Basketlamp is a range inspired by traditional baskets, not only by their shape, but also how they are made and in the way we use them.

These lamps are inspired by the work and experimentation with the material, solid wood and veneer, they are made by the repetition of the work, as in the making of a traditional basket were the weaving is the repetition of the same work again and again.

Repetition is therefore one of the core of the project, especially in terms of use as this design item is completely versatile, and can serve as a table, floor or ceiling lamp, by using the handle, just like an actual basket, to move the lamp from one site to another or to hang it from the ceiling. Moreover, the lamps can be packed flat and easily assembled due to the round woven structure and the top. 

Made of ash and pine veneer, solid pine ash and oak, plus electric cord, these lamps are available in two sizes (60 e 80 cm) to further suit any need. Thanks to its shape and research, Basketlamp represents the place where innovative design and reinterpretation meet, as well as a crucial focus on materials and natural colors which together make this lamp refined and delicate, yet quite playful.

INFO: www.juancappa.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Siri Wahlstrøm

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