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Aria Transparent : suspended movement
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What makes a renowned architect and designer better than the others? Surely the ability of designing unique creatins over the time without losing a bold yet up to date style. Among the most famous names of the architecture field, Zaha Hadid is certainly an out and out legend, as she’s the first woman ever awarded with the Pritzker Prize, which she gained in 2004. Born in Baghdad, the British architect is the founder of the namesake studio which has completed over 900 projects in more than 55 nations. Today’s project is a very architectural design item signed by Zaha Hadid herself along with Patrik Schumacher: a chandelier that mixes together modernity, movement, femininity and uniqueness. Designed for Italian brand Slamp, which has been providing design light solution since 1994, Aria Transparent is a suspended centrepiece which gently illuminates its environment with light dramatically cast through its sculptural fins.

An elegant embodiment of the seamless fluidity of movement. Zaha Hadid’s dynamic and visionary architecture results in a volume that is apparently dematerialised, where illumination and lightness blend, defining natural design, becoming almost aquatic. 50 transparent surfaces, encountering LED lights positioned on their axis, take on a texture and enlighten the space with a vibrant atmosphere. Available in three dimensions and made out of Cristalflex and Lentiflex, Aria Transparent is the proof that the best design doesn’t have to rely on too many ingredients.

INFO: www.zaha-hadid.com


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