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Franco Eccel has always been fascinated by materials, unusual combinations designed to create environments and objects that combine comfort and creativity at the same time. This is how the Eccel project was born where he experiments materials and techniques commonly used in architecture on large surfaces and in the interior design but applied in a surprising and innovative way to create furniture, jewelry and small accessories that, in the laboratory, become real design objects.
The favorite materials are Corian® and Hi Macs® because they have the same qualities of the stone floors without their defects and with the advantage of being produced in any form and workable like wood. Furthermore, their composition is two-thirds of natural minerals combined with a low percentage of high resistance resins, that provide unique characteristics: absence of pores, antibacterial, wear resistance.

With these two materials, Franco enjoys combining different colors and formats in a creative way, obtaining unique objects in numbered edition. Some elements of this project, due to their innovative characteristics and respect for the environment, were selected and exhibited in the Triennale building of Milan during the XXI Triennale Design after Design 2016 international event.
One of these collections has also become part of our showroom (around the corner from Milan) and available on the online shop.
This is the Tzero TSC01: a coffee table with a 100% green soul that can be completely customized both in size and texture. Starting from a drawing, the pieces of HI-MACS® are cut off, pieces coming from the construction sites of major architectural projects, which relive a second life, and subsequently assembled with colored polymeric glues that blend with the material becoming themselves decorative element.
Each piece is handmade and unique and the characteristics of the material along with its high resistance make this table suitable both indoor and outdoor use.


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