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Amusement is the main element of Honeydew Rabbit! sofas and armchairs. For the first time, furniture is designed for both kids and adults, thanks to this collection inspired to the animal world. These pieces of furniture are designed from a child’s point of view, by enriching a room with colors and forms referring to animals, in order to make both kids and grown-ups smile.
An orange armchair with rabbit ears, a blue one with reindeer horns, several hues including crimson and mixed colors. Each of them is  made of safe nontoxic light materials to guarantee good humor and freedom to play. Moreover, the lining is completely removable and easily washable.

A collection designed to escape from boredom, with a young look yet a mature and professional project behind it. The aim is to break the routine by satisfying the need of entertainment through these creations.
Soft Chair Collection, designed by Jung Hye Yoon, develops a user-friendly product for kids aged between 2 and 6 years old who can “play rabbits” with safe and extra-soft textiles.  There’s also a version dedicated to older children. Honeydew Rabbit has taken part to the latest Tortona Design Week in Milan,  first place winner of Superstudio Collection competition.

Enjoy the Korean fun!

INFO: honeydewrabbit.com

PHOTO: Courtesy of Honeydew Rabbit

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