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All Wood & Special Materials grows and opens its own showroom
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The Genoese brand, All Wood & Special Materials, is an ever-expanding reality that deals to offer the most innovative and eco-sustainable materials in design and craftsmanship. Its Mission is to select nationally and internationally products that are heterogeneous and always at the forefront that can excite people, becoming a reference point for those who are constantly seeking ideas and solutions.
After creating a network of skilled and qualified people and associates able to follow the customer in all working phases and after becoming, in a short period of time, an exclusive resellers of many renowned design companies, there was only one thing missing ... its own showroom.
A place where to accommodate the customers and make them feel in the center of the business reality through proposals made ad hoc for every need and requirement thanks to the wide range of exclusive materials that can offer unique solutions always in line with times and with new trends.

Among the many quality solutions, there is unquestionably Valchromat, a wood fiber panel very similar to an HDF. It is colorful (available in 11 colors) throughout its mass thanks to organic dyes combined with a special resin which gives to the product unique mechanical capabilities for the development of 3D machining. A material also loved by carpenters, because since it is mass-colored and very compact, it reduces machining and painting time, with a cost-effective for the final customer.
Renowned for its high performing qualities and its remarkable flexibility, HI MACS STRUCTURE.
Natural acrylic stone is used in architectural and interior design projects around the world because it can better express the thought, giving value and character to any product or environment by creating new three-dimensional shapes.
The plates are available in 10 different shades of color and in many standard textures that simulate the wind modeling effect (Air Stream), the movement of the sand (Dunes) or the asymmetric arrangement of the cobblestone (Zen) or that replicate geometric and non-geometric compositions, with relief points (Dots), crossed whit lines (Grid), rhombs (Fabric) and more.
And then there are Concreo and Conclad, revolutionary concrete effect materials that can be worked with the same simplicity of wood. They can be cut, milled, punched and machined in any way with the same machines, blades and wood tools and they are ideal for any kind of context thanks to their high resistance to water and moisture and their extreme stability over time .
We can not describe everything that this company offers. A company constantly developing in the wood industry and not only, which evolves and is constantly renewing and that it’s waiting for you in Via San Quirico, 149 in Bolzaneto (Genoa)!

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.awspecialmaterials.com

MAIL: info@awspecialmaterials.it

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