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Alessandra Meacci: “Living” design
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What made you become an interior designer?
To me interior design complements architecture design, as it makes you enter a more “intimate” dimension of the project and create a certain atmosphere by picking colors, forms and materials. It’s a multi-faceted multi-shaded dimension where you can be bold.

What is essential to the interior design of an apartment?
Personality. When starting a new interior design project I always look at the character and interests of the clients in order to understand how to arrange any single room. Everyone has their own stories, passions and places and they want a space that reminds such things, even remotely, to feel the place they live in. Once you find the right mood, it’s easy to fulfill a project. Natural light plays a strong role: I always try to employ pieces of furniture whose textures can play with light and “live” with it, so that depending on the sun rotation you can have several different effects in your home.

What is essential to commercial design?
A commercial space must be very distinctive. Apart from being functional and versatile, it has to be sharp and memorable, to tell clients a story to be connected with the products sold, in order to convince people to buy something there instead of somewhere else, just like fashion strategies do.

Who are your favorite designers?

Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, Mies Van Der Rohe, they made history. I’m currently into Patricia Urquiola’s work, she is very inspiring.

What makes your design items unique and distinctive?
I like to produce items that keep on surprising with several sides and faces depending, for instance, on the illumination, the location, and so on. My aim is to create items that interact with the environment they’re in, “living” pieces that light livens up, something that can enrich a space with the play of shadows due to their texture and reflections.

Which are your favorite materials?

I’ve been working a lot with plastic materials because of their brilliance and versatility; on the occasion of the 2014 Fuorisalone in Milan I also displayed a design collection made out of RADIANT, an iridescent material with which I created sort of chromatic kaleidoscopes. I’m also into natural materials such as wood, in fact I’m working on new projects which feature wood veins as main quality embellishment.

PHOTO COURTESY: Alessandra Meacci

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