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A real union between wood and fabric? Now it is possible...if you are Elisa Strozyk
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And if one day you would wear a wooden couture dress while going out? Do you think it is impossible to realize that? It is no more true since the award-winning designer Elisa Strozyk created the wooden textile, a material that combines together wood and fabric for an innovative and versatile result.
A remarkable achievement that allows wood, better if coming from fruit trees such as apple, pear or cherry trees and fabrics like cotton, linen and silk to be processed and made raw materials for furniture, lamps, carpets and even clothes.
Thanks to her little revolution Elisa has received several awards as Textile Designer of the year by Elle Deco and the first prize of the Salone Satellite Award in 2011 that usually requires hard and sophisticated work. As a matter of fact, the realization of the material involves different steps based on meticulous mathematical calculations whose objective is to obtain triangular plates that can be easily applied on the fabric after being treated, cut, filed and oiled. The result is a material of different thicknesses that changes in relation to the use to create a project that goes over the traditional concept of design and turn objects into real sculptures to admire, try and wear.

Actually the collections include carpets, cupboards, small pieces of furniture and particularly lamps. At the moment the choice for the lighting includes two alternatives: Miss Maple and Accordion. The first one, whose name comes from the English word maple, is very thin giving the fabric the possibility to easily curl and to radiate light creating a vibrant and poetic effect. The second lamp, Accordion, is part of a collection that includes also a wardrobe realized in collaboration with the Berliner artist Sebastian Neeb. Its pleated structure makes it similar to those Eastern lamps and it is able to widen and shrink due to the maple set of strips and some viscose parts with a minimal result that gives it a unique value.
If you are willing to discover the collection you just need to visit the designer official website www.elisastrozyk.de and, why not, let you warm up by a wooden textile blanket next winter.

INFO: www.elisastrozyk.de

PHOTO: Courtesy Elisa Strozyk


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