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8 interior design updates to cosify your home for autumn
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Autumn is just around the corner – are you getting your home ready for the colder months? Now is a good time to think about a seasonal interior design update, making sure your home is warm and comfy to see you through the winter. We’ve got eight great suggestions.

1. Change to a dark colour scheme
If you’re a little bit bored with your current filament, why not get the paintbrush out! A dark hue such as navy, forest green or deep grey can warm up the space and make the room feel more intimate. Whether you use rich wall colours in a living room, bedroom or kitchen, it also creates a perfect statement backdrop for a feature display of pictures, mirrors or other decorations. And don’t feel that you have to limit the use of bold colour to the walls – furniture and floors can look great in deep tones too.

2. Add warm lighting
As the nights draw in, you want to come home to a cosy and inviting house. Lighting is a key factor in achieving the right ambience. Review your lighting scheme to ensure you’ve got the basics covered. Good lighting design is layered, incorporating general, task and accent lighting. Filament bulbs give emit a soft glow while adding a little design je ne sais quoi. Put them in a pendant light above the breakfast table or kitchen island, in wall lights in your dining room or in bedside lamps for that warm glow all around the house.

3. Introduce a real fire
Nothing says "cosy home" like relaxing with a glass of wine or hot cocoa by a real fire, so now is the time to get your chimney or woodburning stove swept, ready for the winter season. Create a feature with firewood for that rustic look – display logs in pretty baskets or stack them decoratively by the fireside. If you don’t have a fireplace, think about installing a freestanding log burner that comes with its own flue. Gas-fired stoves are the next best thing in terms of a real flame. If all else fails, highly efficient and attractive looking electric stoves are also available.

4. Winterise your windows
Did you know that the Victorians had a ritual of switching window dressings with the change of season? It’s an excellent idea, even if our modern windows are draughtproof and energy-efficient, unlike the single-glazed sash windows of yesteryear. For maximum snugliness, consider changing voiles and lightweight drapes for heavier curtains. Velvet is the gold standard but whatever material you choose, make sure your winter curtains are thermally lined or, better still, interlined.

5. Cushions, blankets and throws
When it’s cold and dark outside, you really can’t have enough extra blankets and cushions to snuggle up with on the sofa or in bed. Really layering up contrasting textures makes the room feel sumptuous and opulent. Add throws and cushions to chairs, stools and benches for a relaxed and cosy vibe and added warmth. In the bedroom, think of upgrading a wooden headboard to an upholstered one for added cosiness. You can channel the power of soft furnishings and accessories and completely transform the mood of a room.

6. Experiment with yet more textiles
Update your home with this season’s on-trend textures for the ultimate touchy-feely home environment. It is scientifically proven that touching can have significant health benefits including stress reduction, lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, alleviating depression and improving immune function. Mix up wool, velvet, suede and faux fur for instant tactile cosiness. Contrast strokable velvet with raw linen, shiny silk and rough wool weaves, smooth leather and sheepskin… we think you get the idea!

7. Create a winter reading nook
What could be more homely during the colder months than curling up on the sofa with a good book? To promote reading and make it a regular wintertime activity, find an underused spot in your home and turn it into a reading corner. All you need is a super comfy armchair or sofa, a good spotlight for reading, some cushions and blankets (see above) and a side table for your cup of tea or glass of wine. If there’s space for a bookcase or built-in shelving, even better.

8. Warm up your hard flooring
Whether you have wooden floors, stone tiles or vinyl flooring in your home, the cosiness factor underfoot will increase instantly and dramatically with the simple addition of a large soft rug or two. Choose deep pile rugs – perhaps even a long shagpile – that offer maximum comfort and add texture in your space. Select a colour and pattern that complement your new colour scheme for a coherent result. Particularly if you have a no-shoes policy indoors, you won’t fail to notice how much more comfortable your home now feels.

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