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70s table: a look at the past and a dip into modernity
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Born in ’76, from Brianza, a degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and a career started designing retail stores. Here is where the designer Cristian Sporzon discovers and gets closer to the dimension of interior design, challenging himself mixing his cultural and professional background to materials. A design that gives a shape to daily life through the use of great creative elements. Such as wood, leading actor of his first design project. Its incredible ductility and its natural malleability have inspired the creation of unique pieces, where lines and shapes begin without ever ending, in a optical and tactile game that tends to infinity.

Among his creations, in our showroom you can admire the 70s table born from the designer's desire to deconstruct the archetype of the table through a graphic and stylistic research based on the concept of classic tables with a carefully-structured analysis.
The name "70s" comes from the memory of those decorative motifs typical of the '70s that the designer has taken up in the shape of the top of the table and in the supporting elements.
No more outlines, corners, even the corners get rid of the legs. The creative path leads to an innovative and versatile shape: The creative course follows an innovative and versatile form: the table top and legs can be mixed and matched with different color and material options including the Cristalplant or Corian with which it is made that enhance and emphasize its characteristics.
Destined to target elite customers attentive to aesthetics and stylistic originality without compromising functionality. We are waiting for you in Via Monte Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate, a stone's throw from Milan!


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