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Paris, France - Jan. 18, 2023 - On the occasion of its fourth appearance at Paris Déco Off, Perennials and Sutherland, a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture and high-performance textiles and rugs, unveiled its new collection "Perennials by Far West" in collaboration with Texas hotel entrepreneur Liz Lambert and her multifaceted Far West team.
Evocative venue chosen for the presentation, La Galerie on Rue Bonaparte. An installation, titled "Perennials Provisions", combining the rustic style of West Texas with the innovation that has always distinguished Perennials.
Welcomed into a majestic entrance adorned with rugs on the walls as if they were tapestries, visitors got to discover the colorful world created by Liz Lambert who, along with her eclectic Far West market, designed a collection of acrylic textiles and rugs inspired by her homes in Marfa and Baja California.

"Perennials by Far West is a journey through my passion for striped patterns," explained Liz Lambert, partner in MML Hospitality and Lambert McGuire Design. "We were inspired by the hand-woven striped fabrics I have collected throughout my career and travels. Going through the entire collection, we discovered a new beauty in putting the pieces next to each other and seeing how they interacted with each other."

"I think designers will appreciate the vibrant colors in the collections," said Ann Sutherland, CEO of Perennials. "Collaborations allow us to explore ever-changing aesthetics, and Perennials by Far West is a clear example of that. We are excited to see this collection being used in projects around the world."

"Perennials by Far West" will be available to interior designers and architects at showrooms around the world.

To discover the entire collection, visit www.perennialsfabrics.com.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: https://www.perennialsandsutherland.com/

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