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"We can transfer ideas and communicate through any type of object. Thinking about different objects is much more stimulating and doing it from different points of view is even more so. For me, artists, craftsmen, designers, architects and stylists must be able to confront each other on any type of project, mixing knowledge and skills. And lately I have noticed that we are going in this direction, that the approach to the project is radically changing".

It is with these words that the artist/designer Gio Minelli describes his personal approach to design. A predominantly artistic, expressive, gestural, almost pictorial approach that only later translates into a real project.
A professional path that begins and develops over the years at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Years that Minelli himself defines as beautiful, in which art and design begin to contaminate each other as well as craftsmen, designers, artists; years in which experimentation lives a moment of incredible ferment and the boundaries begin to waver.
Thus were born the first objects, the first collections and, consequently, the first exhibitions in art galleries. Years that have led him to also deal with industrial and interior design, making him today a very open professional and in constant dialogue with art and industry.

Among his creations, "Omaggio al maestro" collection is certainly noteworthy, a collection of liquid-painted harmonic steel seats made by paying homage to the early works of Ron Arad, architect and designer of Israeli origin who works on the unstable border between industrial design and contemporary art.
A collection born as an experimentation of materials and inspirations, in search of a dynamism in which the curved shape takes possession of the scene: there are no edges or corners; the lines are pure and essential, in full Minelli style.
“Omaggio al maestro" awaits you at the SpazioTID showroom, a physical place on the outskirts of Milan, where bespoke design is mixed with works of art that furnish to tell method and knowledge, where continuous research becomes an engine that circulates new ideas and creativity.
See you there!


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