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The mirror, a legendary object, a symbol of vanity, where what is right becomes left and what is truth comes to light, where all human defects are objectively and impartially revealed with cruel frustration. A design object that has always been at the center of interesting experiments in both shapes and materials used, able to give life to what may perhaps be called the classic of classics par excellence.
Certainly you could not miss it at our showroom, where you can admire the revised version by architect Fabrizio Bendazzoli for Capoferri Arredamenti.
Accanto is a mirror in which two people can look at one side of the other without having trouble and each having their own living space to be able to look and reflect on the result that is photographed on the glass. Not only a mirror, but it also reveals a surprising practical use thanks to the presence of a coat rack.

A mirror made through various processing, strictly craftsmanship, which encapsulates all the knowledge and experience of a company with 50 years of work in the world of design and furnishings.
For the realization of the mirror, it started from the construction of an ad-hoc metal template for the curvature of the crystal. Then the glass was heated gradually at high temperatures to make it malleable and folded to reach the desired shape and finally silvered.
The preparation of the wooden structure follows the same procedures with the construction of a template on which bent plywood sheets have been bent and subsequently coated with veneer of the chosen essence. The assembly and preparation of the individual pieces have been performed in a state of art by creating a unique piece made entirely in Italy.

INFO/ PHOTO COURTESY: www.capoferriarredamenti.it

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