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Susy Zappa is an artist who has transformed her passion for spare parts into a genuine art collection. A passion born from her early age and inherited from her father Luciano Zappa, a great restorer of historic cars.
This creative impulse was initially manifested through a pictorial path before moving permanently to the matter through an ironic game of metamorphosis: the transformation from simple pieces of cars into luminous works, into real pieces of design.
Metal sculptures, original parts of historic cars dynamically assembled following themes inspired by the "century of speed" and the Futurist movement.

Starting from a simple radiator, a steering wheel or a fender, she is able to create real artistic lamps, where old bits of cars find a second life in which they are absolute protagonists. It's thanks to their uniqueness which gives value to these timeless and priceless design objects.
“Fari nella notte” ("Headlights in the night") collection was born from the desire of the artist to revive old car parts in which it is still possible to tell their story, their lived, where the rust is able to recall to what has been their past life, the roads they have traveled and the landscapes they have seen.
After having lit galleries and vintage car shows across Italy, the artist has chosen our showroom where to exhibit her creations. Cavaliere Nero, Cavalli d’acciaio, Chiaro di Luna and La Voce are the lamps-sculpture that you can find also on our online shop. An opportunity not to be missed for those who love the world of vintage cars and are looking for a unique and original design piece to be exposed in their own home.

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